Friday, 21 February 2014


Thank god it is Friday and Feature Friday to top it off! I want you to ask yourself this question? Are you constantly wondering how to make yourself and everything in your life stylish? Are you wanting to try and define your style or get inspired to bring your fashion style and translate it into your home? I know 20 questions right? But the thing is we are constantly seeking ways to define our style but also find ways to make our lives look super stylish at the same time. I think that you should not only book mark this resource but also subscribe to an online magazine that will inspire you to be you, in every aspect of your life. We often need to take action to create a great and stylish life in all areas and this is exactly the magazine that will give you the motivation to do so. To top it off, it is extremely user friendly, accessible and interactive for everyone. It is called Stylem, a new fashion and lifestyle online magazine that is targeted at inspiring you to be yourself and achieve style in every aspect of your life. 

The editor and creator behind Stylem is Emma Wood who was Vogue Australia's fashion editor, which means she definitely knows what she is talking about. Stylem is a dream come true for Emma and it gives her the ability to share and educate everyone around the world how easy it is to create a style in all areas of your life. 

So, what are you all waiting for? Get onto the website by clicking right HERE and not only get your fashion tips but also get heaps of interior inspiration... which I love by the way. Below are some snapshots I have taken from the website that demonstrate the stylish nature of the mag. 

Stylem are also running a very cool promo at the moment that I am sure many of you will want to take part in. It is really simple, all you have to do is click HERE to find out all the awesome details, subscribe, invite a friend and you are in the running to win a $250 seed heritage voucher. 

All images have been sourced from the Stylem website. 

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