Monday, 17 February 2014


Did you manage to tune in last night? I was actually a little disappointed to be completely honest. There was so much hype happening during the week that I just couldn't wait to see these amazing bathrooms and terraces... but actually, I was left feeling a little empty, which saddens me for this weeks room reveals. The judges were very harsh this week as well, but I do think despite their hashness they really do give very constructive feedback and really give them great advice and direction, so I am sure the teams will be taking all of it on board.

Every room did have an element of wow factor but it was very clear there wasn't too much consistency in keeping that loft style wow factor happening. In all honesty though, I cannot get over how they get all of it done in a week... that in itself is such a huge achievement so it becomes really difficult to be very critical of their work. My favourites this week for the boys, without a doubt, they did have the best bathroom/ laundry/ terrace combo and Chantelle and Steve, despite how tough their week was, they really pulled together an amazing result ... just not with the bra. Some of their finish touches were genius and I really do feel their terrace had a really great layout.

What did you all think of the rooms last night? Below are the pictures sourced from The Block Website and don't forget everything you see in these images can be sourced through The Block Shop... so get clicking!

Styling is done so well- love the hanging towels below the vanity... what do you think?

Recessed square for your shower needs - TICK
Tile choice - TICK

Exposed brick vs tile and mood lighting 

Vintage artwork on existing brick work! TICK! 

Tile choice and tap ware. 

The good old hexagon! Love the tile choice and combinations together with the timber.
I also like that the toilet roll is hidden.

Tap ware is super cool. 

This just looks like it would be a very very zen space and I really love that. The tile contrasts
very well against the exposed brick work. 

Mirror, vanity and basin are very cool together.

I love that Brad and Dale have added in curtains to their terrace doors. It really adds a real softness against
all the raw materials. Well done boys! 

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