Thursday, 6 February 2014


Today at Decoration + Design I was mostly excited to head on over to the Armadillo & Co section to check out their new 2014 collection and their new Kilim rugs. Tomorrow on The Men Behaving Handy Blog, you will be seeing me talk about the rug trend and why rugs are very important. They allow you to be a little more adventurers with pattern and colour, which is what I feel this Armadillo & Co range very much expresses. Aztec has been a very huge trend that has carried through the design realm for a few years now and even though it isn't as popular at the moment, it is still popping up in many different areas in bright and colourful ways.

Armadillo & Co have a great collection as well as some perfect pieces for the kids.

All images have been sourced directly from the Armadillo & Co website.

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