Friday, 12 September 2014


Have you heard or discovered the latest amazing set of homewares yet? You all know how much I love concrete so it is really no surprise when I say how much I love the designs by this dynmaic duo, Crystal and Mitch, better known as The Design Twins.

Last month Crystal took the time to chat to us about all things design and business, what inspires them and what they believe is the key to success. I want to take this opportunity to thank The Design Twins for taking part in this feature to share with all my amazing readers, I have not been able to publish this until I got back on Australian land so now that I am back, it is the first feature of many more to come.

I know music has been a huge part of your life, how do you think it has helped you channel your creativity into what you are doing at the moment? 

Music gave me the strength and persistence to pursue what we are doing now with Design Twins. Our products are definitely influenced by music and fashion, allowing us to create unique and bold pieces. 

You create some really unique and interesting pieces. What is your creative process? 

With our designs, we always think of the craziest idea possible, to the point of where it can't be made and then bring it right back to a products that is practical, logical and beautiful. For instance, with our concrete pillows, we thought of large outdoor pillows. These would be heavy and not practical, so we created mini pillows for candles, keys and jewellery! 

We have noticed you use concrete, what gave you the idea to use it? And is there another material both you and “Twinnie” would love to introduce? 

We started off with a bag of concrete in our kitchen sink and the craziness went from there! We realised it could be shaped into ANYTHING and we wanted to take it from being a DIY project to the next level of crazy homewares. We would LOVE to introduce copper or steel into the designs somehow. We love all things marble, copper, leather, glass and recycled timber!!

What would be the best three words to describe what The Design Twins is all about? 


What do The Design Twins believe is the key ingredient in working to make your dreams come true? 

Love what your doing and keep persisting even when everything seems impossible. There have been so many times when we wanted to give up, but we just knew that if pushed through, something unique was going to be created.

What would you consider would be the most important step you took in making the business happen?

Moving out of our kitchen sink, to a workshop, where we could experiment with designs in a bigger and better scale.

What do you believe is the best part about having your own business and what would be your piece of advice for those wanting to follow their passions? 

We get to work the hours we choose, although lately its been from 10am until 1am most days, we hope to reduce that to some type of normality soon. We get to do fun things like snorkel on our lunch breaks, as we live on a reef! If you have a dream, don't give up on it! Stay curious. Stay creative. Stay hungry!

You can find The Design Twins website and products by clicking here. 

All images have been sourced from The Design Twins website and Instagram page. 
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