Friday, 26 September 2014


Since getting back from my recent trip, which completely inspired me in all aspects of my work ( Yes you are thinking correctly, there are big changes coming AGAIN to JDZ Designs, including a whole lot more of me... i'll explain closer to reveal date ) I have been in an absolute funk and everything I see reminds me of where I have been and what I was doing. The great thing about this however is that it has really opened my eyes to the emerging pastel palette that is making a come back this spring and summer.

How is it making a come back might you ask? Well, I keep seeing it teamed with lots of metals including the very popular copper. So if you have been seeing these tones around in your favourite homewares shops lately then you are not imagining it. It also makes sense when I was talking about my aqua colour palette merely two weeks ago.

The colours are fresh as well as warm and playful when teamed with copper.

I do have to say you will see some images of my favourite place Santorini as I am still in post holiday funk.

Take a look through my Pinterest for more inspiration, including the images I am sharing today.
These images demonstrate exactly the new season colour trends that are ever emerging and expanding so make sure to keep your eye out.

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