Tuesday, 23 September 2014


I have not spoken much about art on the blog but I have been eyeing off the amazing work of David Bromley for sometime now and thought it was time to share.

David Bromley is an Australian and British artist and is known for a mixture of different genres, but my favourite has to be the series of female portraits. What I love about them most is their intriguing nature and colour combinations. Their simplicity and minimalistic detail in the line work is also to be admired, as the art itself does not at all feel simplistic but gives you a very deep understanding of the persons body and shape. The femininity of the artworks are not over the top and are a perfect piece to create a huge impact in a room, which is what you always want art to do. It allows you to incorporate colour in a very simple way which is what good art should also do for your space. The curated tones of colour are also what give the artworks more depth, which has to be my favourite element.

I first discovered Bromley when working on a clients apartment and was taken a back by the scale and colour of the portrait. It was intimate and the perfect piece for you to be intrigued into how the space opens up into the master bedroom. It has recently been showcased on this season of The Block as the centre piece of a dining room. I have to say I personally really love abstract art however these portraits have caught my eye as unique and striking. I really want to find out more about the girl in all these nude portraits and I will get investigating. What do you think about his artwork? Do you like it?  Let me know by commenting below.

Photograph by Jacqui Turk

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