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Thursday, 22 January 2015


Have you ever heard someone say, your space is a direct reflection of your mind? When your mind is cluttered with so much stuff, things to remember, scattered, things tend to be everywhere? Have you noticed? If you have not noticed, then I invite you to take a moment and really observe be present a look around yourself.

Is there a lot of stuff everywhere? Can you never keep anything neat? 

I thought so, we all do it and it is my mission to help you become really mindful of your space, both inside and out. They correlate believe it or not and it is a mirror of your internal mind. It happens to me all the time, things start off really clean and tidy and then... BOOM, the tidal wave that is my mind trying to keep up with everything happening is lost in a state of samples, paperwork, computer gadgets I hate, mail, bills, things to remember to pay, pens, paints, and butter paper.

I do have specific goals this year but mostly I have specific words that I want to work towards being. One of them is flowing and I mean it in every sense of the word as I tend to be a little of a control freak from time to time, it pops up and makes my life and work a lot harder. So with letting go of the sense of perfection I introduce the idea of flow into my life, I want a good flow especially when it comes to my work space and mind. 

The thing is, how do we get there when everything seems to be taking over and you almost feel like you're drowning below it all?

+ Firstly, begin to mindful, take a step back and observe it all for what it is. Whatever room it may be, even if it is your mind. Just stop. 

+ Make categories for your mess. 

" THINGS TO KEEP" " IMPORTANT" " BILLS" and begin sorting. If you have not looked at that article you were ment to read since last December, bin it, it's gone. Be ruthless, you will not believe how liberating it will be.

+ When trying to get rid of things, think about and ask yourself these questions: 

 "DOES THIS HAVE PURPOSE?" " "DOES THIS SERVE ME OR HELP ME?"  " WILL I NEED IT IN A YEAR? " You will know the answer and then just BIN IT! But remember always be sustainable, so make sure all paper and recyclables go straight into the recycling.

+ Have task areas in your work area. This tip applies only to your study and work area, however we can think about it in terms of other spaces too. Areas of your home are dedicated to specific tasks and functions so really try not to mix the zones. It makes the mind and activity a lot more clearer and defined.

+ Do this at least every two months to stay on top of things. You can do it! 

Image sourced from Pinterest. 

Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Over the past couple of years as my circle of friends has expanded and we have grown older, we are all reaching that next stage of our lives where we are preparing to fly the coop. It is a little unbelievable that this year alone we will be attending six weddings, whom are all very good friends or close relatives young in age. It is pretty amazing how time brings forth all these different stages. These stages have brought up a lot of questions about what I think is best to look for when wanting to buy all your new furniture for the new pad. It has been dominating phone conversations that is for sure!

I was recently having a discussion with a close girlfriend who is preparing to move out very soon with her soon to be husband and was looking for great quality, comfortable linen. So, I thought why not do a post on the blog about what I look for and what I think are the best elements to create a really comfortable bed. Your bed is super important as you pretty much spend almost half your life sleeping which it allows your body to restore itself so having the right support and comfort is essential. To me it is not something that you skimp on... by the way, I need to take my own advice because my mattress is completely outdated and not supportive anymore! It's on the "To Do List" trust me.

Good quality linen, duvet covers, throws and pillowcases can be hard to come by, which is why I wanted to share with you a great bedding resource, Parachute. They have a great range available at affordable prices. Currently, personally and a lot of my friends are after things that have a really natural look to them, so there does not have to be too much fuss about the sheets, they always look clean, they are simple, feel good and neutral.

Here are some of my favourite tricks when making your bed look pretty amazing and just overall effortless.

+ Think about it as a composition - Layer the bed with different colour linen. For example you may have a white flat sheet and loose sheet but then two different combination of colours for the pillowcases and a different colour for the duvet cover.

+ Add character to a bed by adding at most 3 cushions. Yes, see how I did not say 10 cushions? It is very unnecessary to have excessive amounts of small cushions, 3 is enough and it allows you to have two different colour combinations.

+ Have different sized pillows, 2 x large square size and 2 x normal sleeping size.

+ Add texture to the bed by complimenting it with a casual throw to make it feel that extra comfortable and inviting. Your bed is also a great place for journaling, reading, meditating so having a great throw to lie on top of with your normal clothes is a great idea. 

All products shown in the images below can be found at Parachutes to create your ultimate sleeping haven.

Make sure to visit their website by clicking here

Images sourced from Parachutes. 

Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Exciting way to start the blogging week off with our expert opinions being shared on The Paint Place blog. Along with other industry professional and the lovely Chris from The Life Creative, we give our scoop on what our favourite colour picks are for the season and how to work them in with other colour palettes.

My pick were bright colours like corals, yellows and my favourite at the moment teal.

You can check out the post by clicking here. 

Monday, 19 January 2015


This week is focusing on the new year and it cannot be a new creative year without the announcement of the Pantone Colour Of The Year. There has been a lot of speculation around this colour, which I feel pretty much happens every year, as the colours have not been as conventional or easy on the "palette" per say than most other years. I have to say though, I very much love the colour prediction for this year, Marsala. When I think of Marsala or I hear the word I instantly think of my dad cooking and making his famous marsala stake sauce, the sweet and musty smell of a really dark red almost brown glistening au ju ( french for sauce made with it's own juices ) ... I am getting hungry just talking about this. I also love the colour red, it is my favourite colour... I know, slightly shocking, it is a horrible colour for anything in an interior, except for accents and it has to be treated very carefully. Which is why I think I really love this year's prediction, it is such a deep rich colour that I think will be great for winter 2015. You read it hear first! My prediction for winter 2015 will be very earthy and a testament to Marsala.

What do you think about Marsala? Do you like? Do you not? Why? Share with me all your thoughts!!

Look out for the next post on Marsala where I will be highlighting my favourite stylish items in the colour.

Images sourced from Pinterest. Follow me here! 

Lots of love,


Wednesday, 14 January 2015


2015 has not exactly started with the bang I would have hoped for, but I guess that is what life is all about, ups, downs and all the little in betweens. It has reminded me with a very hard hitting smack in the face that you lose your health very very quickly and that it should always be your number one priority. I did not actually know how badly I needed some rest until I was hit with the sick stick and right on new years day of all times. It is so funny, well, not in your 'hahaha' rolling on the floor kind of way, but more the "told you so" kinda way that of course when I get a sick and I mean any type of your typical sickness, common cold, you name it, I don't just get it and it goes away in two days, I REALLY get it and it wipes me out. It takes me forever to get back to myself, an even bigger incentive to continually strive to be at the top of my game. I knew I was letting the ball drop as the end of 2014 rolled around. It was crazy busy and even though it was my healthiest year yet, I was reminded the importance of slowing down and taking time out.

 It just goes to show that even though we are all made up the same way, each and every body is actually really different, reacts to things differently and feels pain in an entire different manner. It is very subjective at times just like anything creative, how you like your home and interior. The way one person may feel it, interact with it or like it is completely different to your neighbour, sister, brother or lover. This is why compassion and understanding are qualities that are very important to me and why I strive to show these qualities when I enter into someone's scarred space, especially when it is their home. It is a little different in commercial environments but I believe having that kind of sensibility in your work, knowing how to listen and relate to people on a compassionate level and translating it, is what makes you a great designer. It is in no way an easy task... trust me on that one.

So what can you expect form us in 2015? 

A whole heap of compassion, sensibility with a side of fun and innovative interiors, residential and commercial. Also, a whole heap of free resources for my readers to learn how to unlock the love for their spaces and lots and lots of more attention and focus back on this amazing blog. Then there is a whole heap of stuff I have no idea about... honestly, I have no idea what could be happening tomorrow, which is half the fun. That is something that really excites me at the start of every new year, you have no idea what is lying ahead of you, so I very much hope 2015 is full of GOOD surprises and great clients just like 2014.

We're back in full swing and ready for all the amazing projects that are waiting for us!

Ps: is 2015 the year of our online store? Let's hope so!! Stay tuned!

Saturday, 3 January 2015


Sponsored Post

The other great thing about having some time over this break and this time of year is discovering lots of great new resources that I cannot wait to use this year. I am always on the look out for great sites that have unique products available, so when I become aware of them, I love to share. 

Minted is a great website and not just because of the products available but because it supports independent designers and artists located in 43 different countries throughout the world. This gives us creative types the real opportunity to showcase our talents and discover some really unique and innovative products/designs that you would not find elsewhere. 

The site has several different parts dedicated to different designs and products. It is a fabulous resource for those planning a wedding, looking for a unique gift and wanting some cool fabric to do some DIY in the home, which is why today I want to share with you my Minted Wishlist! 

Currently on trend this summer and holiday season is lots of soft water colour tones/textures and foil artworks and we all know how much I love a geometric print!

Oh and did I mention you can personalise may different products too? Personalisation, monograming is another great trend that is becoming increasingly popular, especially when it comes to gifts, parties and weddings. 

Check out my Wishlist below with all the links provided. 

I absolutely love geometrics and watercolour, so this is an absolute favourite.
Find it on the Minted website by clicking here.

Another great watercolour piece with a great colour combination.
Find it on the Minted website by clicking here.

I absolutely LOVE this, so unique and great little pattern!
Find it on the Minted website here.

I love bunting and love marble so I think this is a great design and by personalising it, it is perfect
for a wedding or any special occasion. Id personally love it for my office!
Find it on the Minted website here. 

Different variations of the marble bunting!
Find it on the Minted website here.

Absolutely love this cool simple material that would add some real style to
any neutral existing palette. Find it on the Minted website here. 

All images are sourced from the Minted website so make sure to
check it out! 


I have had a pretty crappy way to start the new year. 
Sick in bed for three days recovering from some sort of sickness that struck me down.
It is so unfortunate however, there are a lot more other people suffering with much
worse conditions and circumstances daily. The one positive thing... if I was to find one specific one, is that I have had time to reflect, really reflect on the year that was 2014 and how I want 2015 to be.
I guess as well, it can really only get better from here! Here's hoping anyway!
2014 was a pretty good year, full of leaping outside of the comfort zone and completing some rather large projects. The last six months itself have been amazing for the business development, lessons and of course our holiday! 
That was by far, the absolute highlight of the year!

I was asked a couple of times, " why are you going overseas now?" 
"what are you going to do with the business, your clients?" " aren't you afraid of what
will happen with work? " I found these questions very interesting as I was so happy with the decision and it could not have come at a better time personally for me. Would you believe it actually made me a lot busier and by conscience more in demand! 
Hilarious really!

Without further ado here all the BTS pics of the highlights!

Lets all hope 2015 picks up from here on in. 

For me the first of Jan starts tomorrow!

The day we found the pendant light had split glass... worst... ever!

Putting together material palettes 

Moonlight Cinemas - Grease! One of my favourite movies! 

Featured in the "Collective Mag" - Another massive highlight of 2014

Meeting Darren Palmer 

Turning this ex Com bank building into a showroom. Massive Challenge!

Sparkk Cushions ready for the farmhouse. 

Then I chopped all my hair off and my bestie came to visit from the UK 

What construction sites look like early in the morning with horrible lighting!

The styling and transformation!

Transformation in process. 

Help re painting an existing light fitting 

Kitchen install almost complete.

Another awesome highlight! Having a fun day with a great client of mine. 

Holidays in Santorini 

Holidays in Santorini part 2... the day we climbed a volcano and have never been so dehydrated in my life!

Thats me! 

Awesome dining set install in one of our recent jobs! 

Laughing lots with Shelley! 

Albury complete! 

Dining room reveal! 

Entry way reveal! How great is the "Lizard Lounge" 

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