Friday, 26 September 2014


Since getting back from my recent trip, which completely inspired me in all aspects of my work ( Yes you are thinking correctly, there are big changes coming AGAIN to JDZ Designs, including a whole lot more of me... i'll explain closer to reveal date ) I have been in an absolute funk and everything I see reminds me of where I have been and what I was doing. The great thing about this however is that it has really opened my eyes to the emerging pastel palette that is making a come back this spring and summer.

How is it making a come back might you ask? Well, I keep seeing it teamed with lots of metals including the very popular copper. So if you have been seeing these tones around in your favourite homewares shops lately then you are not imagining it. It also makes sense when I was talking about my aqua colour palette merely two weeks ago.

The colours are fresh as well as warm and playful when teamed with copper.

I do have to say you will see some images of my favourite place Santorini as I am still in post holiday funk.

Take a look through my Pinterest for more inspiration, including the images I am sharing today.
These images demonstrate exactly the new season colour trends that are ever emerging and expanding so make sure to keep your eye out.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


I have not spoken much about art on the blog but I have been eyeing off the amazing work of David Bromley for sometime now and thought it was time to share.

David Bromley is an Australian and British artist and is known for a mixture of different genres, but my favourite has to be the series of female portraits. What I love about them most is their intriguing nature and colour combinations. Their simplicity and minimalistic detail in the line work is also to be admired, as the art itself does not at all feel simplistic but gives you a very deep understanding of the persons body and shape. The femininity of the artworks are not over the top and are a perfect piece to create a huge impact in a room, which is what you always want art to do. It allows you to incorporate colour in a very simple way which is what good art should also do for your space. The curated tones of colour are also what give the artworks more depth, which has to be my favourite element.

I first discovered Bromley when working on a clients apartment and was taken a back by the scale and colour of the portrait. It was intimate and the perfect piece for you to be intrigued into how the space opens up into the master bedroom. It has recently been showcased on this season of The Block as the centre piece of a dining room. I have to say I personally really love abstract art however these portraits have caught my eye as unique and striking. I really want to find out more about the girl in all these nude portraits and I will get investigating. What do you think about his artwork? Do you like it?  Let me know by commenting below.

Photograph by Jacqui Turk

All images except the last one can be found on my Pinterest. Follow me and be inspired by clicking here. 

Thursday, 18 September 2014


One of the main things I love about being in business for myself is all the amazing like minded people that I meet and can say are my friends. Building a community of people that you can trust and understand what it is like to be in business is essential. There is no BS when it comes to these kind of friendships and no sense of competition because we are all out there to help each other shine as we all want to live our own dream. Which for me is amazing because there is nothing more that I think is detrimental to business growth and that is not sharing and not opening yourself up to new friendships and networks that can help you in more ways then one.  

Today I want to introduce you to my good friend Jenna, who is on an amazing journey to share her message of wellness and love with her tribe. Jenna has such a wealth of knowledge and not because she is studying and constantly learning about business, health, wellness and couching but because she has been through her own transformational journey that has lead her to this point. A point where she has turned her own health and body around. See Jenna was diagnosed with inherited bleeding disorder at the age of 16 which took her on a journey of many personal up and downs but brought her to a point where she took control of her health and turned it all around.

Jenna believes in making your health your own and so do I. You may be asking, why do we believe it is our own and not for someone else to dictate? Well it is simple, your body belongs to you and you have a duty of care to yourself to do the up most to nurture it to its highest potential. Some may feel that it is really difficult and it is, starting to take control of your health and your lifestyle is so difficult, it brings up lots of fear and resistance but once we take those first few baby steps, the change and what comes with it is worth it.

This is why Jenna has put together a Getting Started Workbook ( ebook ) explaining the key steps that she knows works on making your healthy journey a successful one and one that suits you.

I am sharing this with you all today because not only do I believe in Jenna and her new workbook, plus and super proud of her but because we all need to have a starting point and this is the perfect place. The beginning of this healthy journey that you will take will lead you elsewhere, into creating a healthy home too which is what I am all about!

So how do you get a hold of your free copy? Well, it is easy, head on over to her website by clicking here and sign right up! It is that EASY! She will send you your workbook and you can get started!

Insight without action is worthless so I urge you to take the first initial baby step and turn your health around. 

Image sourced directly from her website, My Missing Factor. 

Monday, 15 September 2014


One of my favourite colours over the last couple of months is aqua and all the tones that surround this colour. It is fresh, vibrant as well as warming and pretty much the one colour I have been seeing a lot on this trip so far.

Today I wanted to share with you an inspirational palette from our trip, a colour that surround these beautiful islands. This colour can be interpreted in so many different ways and applied to many different applications in the home to create a range of styles, from beach, Hamptons, french provincial, classical to rustic and contemporary. 

You can find all these images on Pinterest and you can follow me by clicking here. 

Friday, 12 September 2014


Have you heard or discovered the latest amazing set of homewares yet? You all know how much I love concrete so it is really no surprise when I say how much I love the designs by this dynmaic duo, Crystal and Mitch, better known as The Design Twins.

Last month Crystal took the time to chat to us about all things design and business, what inspires them and what they believe is the key to success. I want to take this opportunity to thank The Design Twins for taking part in this feature to share with all my amazing readers, I have not been able to publish this until I got back on Australian land so now that I am back, it is the first feature of many more to come.

I know music has been a huge part of your life, how do you think it has helped you channel your creativity into what you are doing at the moment? 

Music gave me the strength and persistence to pursue what we are doing now with Design Twins. Our products are definitely influenced by music and fashion, allowing us to create unique and bold pieces. 

You create some really unique and interesting pieces. What is your creative process? 

With our designs, we always think of the craziest idea possible, to the point of where it can't be made and then bring it right back to a products that is practical, logical and beautiful. For instance, with our concrete pillows, we thought of large outdoor pillows. These would be heavy and not practical, so we created mini pillows for candles, keys and jewellery! 

We have noticed you use concrete, what gave you the idea to use it? And is there another material both you and “Twinnie” would love to introduce? 

We started off with a bag of concrete in our kitchen sink and the craziness went from there! We realised it could be shaped into ANYTHING and we wanted to take it from being a DIY project to the next level of crazy homewares. We would LOVE to introduce copper or steel into the designs somehow. We love all things marble, copper, leather, glass and recycled timber!!

What would be the best three words to describe what The Design Twins is all about? 


What do The Design Twins believe is the key ingredient in working to make your dreams come true? 

Love what your doing and keep persisting even when everything seems impossible. There have been so many times when we wanted to give up, but we just knew that if pushed through, something unique was going to be created.

What would you consider would be the most important step you took in making the business happen?

Moving out of our kitchen sink, to a workshop, where we could experiment with designs in a bigger and better scale.

What do you believe is the best part about having your own business and what would be your piece of advice for those wanting to follow their passions? 

We get to work the hours we choose, although lately its been from 10am until 1am most days, we hope to reduce that to some type of normality soon. We get to do fun things like snorkel on our lunch breaks, as we live on a reef! If you have a dream, don't give up on it! Stay curious. Stay creative. Stay hungry!

You can find The Design Twins website and products by clicking here. 

All images have been sourced from The Design Twins website and Instagram page. 
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