Friday, 8 August 2014


One of my favourite go to suppliers for all things cool is Sparkk. They know me well and are always willing to help me out on any project that I am working on. I love it not only because they are sustainable in their practice but it is all made with love right here in Sydney and on demand. 

Do not get me wrong, I love having creative freedom sometimes because honestly, I do A LOT of thinking and at times, I just want the patterns and materials to be all ready to go for me and all I have to just say, "that's it" and off we go. I love Sparkk because they have that creative balance down pat, I have some creative freedom with colours and have heaps of patterns to pick from and if I really want to be wild with the design, they can customise it for me. 

I am so excited because for a couple of months now they have opened their own online store, so that their amazing patterns and designs are available and accessible to everyone. 

If you are off looking for something unique for your home or that perfect cushion, this is the place you will be find it. 

Visit the store by clicking here. 

All images are sourced directly from the Sparkk Store. 

Monday, 4 August 2014


I wont be able to do The Block in review this time round because I wont be here to watch all the shows...( insert crying face ) I KNOW! ....Luckily I have Foxtel IQ which saves the day.

But I will be able to share my Block Favourite and who I thought did an awesome job.

What are your thoughts on The Block Glasshouse? Do you like the new teams?!

My favourite this week is featured below, I thought their finishes and scheme was the best and for all things colour and style... PLEASE change your window frames to black not white... it looks washed out.

Let us know what your thought are by clicking on the pencil below and commenting. We love to hear from you!

Image sourced from The Block Glasshouse


Something that we are becoming increasingly more passionate about is how we love the spaces we inhabit and the impact that they have on us, not just in the way we experience them but in how they effect our health and wellbeing.

You may never have thought about it, but your space internally as well as your body that interacts with external interior environments ( when I speak internally I am talking about your body ) has a direct impact on how you feel, experience and health. That is why it is said that a change is as good as a holiday, think of that saying in terms of your space. A change in environment, or renovation, materials, orientation can be as good as a holiday.

Let us delve a little deeper as when I get back from my holiday this will begin to be one of the main focuses of our business, to create environments that are good for you. This starts with materials that we pick as well as being mindful of how furniture is produced and what is it is made out of. All these things can be directly impacting your health. Overall in the long run we are also impacting our environment with disposable furniture and goods that are not recyclable and adding to the accumulating waste. That is why it is so important that we begin to become mindful of everything that impacts the life that we are building and creating for ourselves, which includes your home, where you work.

Some of us may not have much control over these things and this may not apply to everyone's lifestyle, which is completely fine. However, I would love to share more knowledge and how you can go about being mindful of your health when designing and building your spaces.

The Thoughtful Space  series is something that I will be blogging about continuously to bring you updates and explanations on how to help you achieve just that... a thoughtful space.

Now here is a mission for you; do you know what products, chemicals and materials were used to make all the furniture that is in your home? Is it just "temporary" furniture that you are going to be throwing out in another 5 years because you did not feel like it was right to invest? Have you thought about how you can recycle what you have? Do you know intuitively how your space is not working for you personally and health wise?

If you could not really answer any of those questions, then you need to become a regular reader of my series, which will be continuing when we get back from our European adventure on the 15th of September.

This series is in no way, a way to disrespect furniture manufacturing that is economical and accessible to everyone as that is very important and that we do not love trends, seasonal styling and budget friendly furniture. This thought process may not apply to everyone but it is one we are passionate about growing and developing. This is about mindfulness and becoming inspired to develop environments wether they be work or home user friendly and healthy. 

Friday, 1 August 2014


Image sourced from Hard Goods

Have you been noticing it everywhere too? Well, if you have not, start paying attention because concrete is a material which is used almost everywhere, foot paths, buildings, roads, homes .... did I mention it is everywhere? Well, now concrete is becoming the latest and hottest trend right now in furniture and decoration. I know what you are thinking... really? Yes, really it is and trust me, it works so well and can really look fantastic.

I think it is very interesting how this new trend is being approach and it is quite refreshing to see how many can adapt the use of a material that is primarily used in major construction, break it down and turn it into something really stylish that can be used around the home. It is literally popping up in everything, pendant lights, pot plants and even furniture.

Those who have been following my posts for a while now will know how much I love mixing textures and how that is such a great way to create a layered interior, so it really wont be coming as shock when you hear me say that, concrete in your home, kitchen bench tops and bathrooms is seriously awesome.

Some may think that it is cold and would make a space quite harsh, but like anything treated in the right way, textured and layered with other materials such as timber, copper, gold, brass, warm lighting and other stones it will be anything but. One of the other great techniques we are seeing coming through with the concrete is the rendering inside the home. Usually render is used for outside of the house but more and more it is becoming a much more popular application inside to really create a high end industrial, loft feel.

Here are just a few photos to inspire and demonstrate how concrete is really the hot trend right now!! Let's hope it does not become a fad!

Sourced from My Pinterest 

Image sourced from Wallpaper Decor

Image sourced from Slabhomewares

Image sourced from Pinterest 

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