Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Today's post is an extension of last weeks popular blog on "How To Think Like An Interior Designer." I am going to be blogging about each individual tip I mentioned for the next couple of weeks to bring to you an extended understanding and inspiration on how to manage your renovation and spatial planning more effectively.

The first point I made, which is something that I consistently think about, but mainly when looking at a blank canvas is... symmetry. So, if you are right in the middle of sitting down with an architect or designer to sort out the bones of the new space you are renovating, make sure to think about it's composition. Now not all compositions are symmetrical, but what I mean when it comes to symmetry is attempting to achieve a sense of "even-ness" ( yes I just made up a word ) within certain elements in that space.  Think about windows, heights of windows, lines matching up with other lines, walls matching up or in line with other walls, entry spaces opening up into symmetrically placed windows or positioned centrally looking onto a whole set of bifold doors. Think about how the lines will impact the space visually when it is complete... which by the way is NOT an easy task to achieve, but if you flex that imagination like a muscle it begins to grow and grow. These are all very important things and details that often get missed, which can often take your space from "oh it's lovely" to "wow." Spatial planning is all about experience as well as functionality so having these points in the back of your mind will assist in creating a very unique but functional experience for those who occupy the space.

The thing is, space is all about YOU, which is a core belief of my business by the way, YOU have to love your space, YOU have to understand your space and YOU have to live in your space, so symmetry and things being consistant in a home is very important wether you realise it or not. People love things being symmetrical, it is aesthetically pleasing and it allows you to feel comfortable. It is almost like a little obsessive compulsive disorder in having everything in its rightful place and positioned correctly. This is why for me and someone who is quite compulsive about the details, symmetry in spatial planning is essential, even if it is just as simple as having the windows symmetrically next to each other in a wall or even in lighting or a simple pattern.

That does not have to say that things cannot be a little uneven. Compositions come into play a lot more when it comes down to styling, which is a whole other blogpost for another day.

Hope you are inspired to be a little more even and symmetrical in your day today. Images in todays post are sourced from my Pinterest so make sure to follow me.

Thursday, 2 October 2014


I cannot help but examine whenever I walk into a space, it can be any space, a new hotel, restaurant I am eating at, home etc. I love taking in all of the different elements and I always ALWAYS look up, which by the way not many people do… really there is a ceiling? Lots can be
achieved when it comes to a ceiling. I love touching walls and often feel like a bit of an odd ball when I secretly try and feel the wall to see what kind of finish it is, especially if it is a wallpaper, 
material, metal or timber… I cannot help it, it is built in.

When it comes to renovating and designing a home, these are kind of details that we as interior designer think about when planning. We also very much consider how the space is going to be used and experienced. It is a pretty difficult skill but if you can get it right and nurture it, you can 
become a real pro at understanding how to best use a space and how to make the most of what 
you have.

Here are my top five favourite things to look and how to think like an Interior Designer when you are knee deep in your next renovation.

1. Symmetry 

2. Zoning 

3. Light 

4. Scale 

5. Little Details 
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