Saturday, 31 May 2014


Recently I participated in a very cool campaign to do with Ebay and everything that it offers. 
The world of Ebay is vast and you can pretty much find anything that you are looking for online. 
To me it is a great resource to find unique items for the home as well as unique pieces to complete your style, hobbies or passions, which funny enough is what this campaign was about. We were required to put together five different collections based around things that we love or a passionate about. As you can imagine, a lot of mine were centred around interiors but as well things that I personally love. It is a great way to really showcase how you can find several different items that relate to the one particular topic and how they can be used in different applications.
Ebay is a great resource to find vintage and used furniture pieces that can be brought to life by either painting it, changing the look or just giving it some tender love and care. The options and ideas are truly endless as well as finding serval bargins!
Today in this blog I wanted to share with you a bit more about me and all of my Ebay collections so that you can see how all these items can be utilised in different ways.
Take a direct look and browsing the items …  or have a sneak peek at the images above.
 Do you have a favourite thing to look for on Ebay? Have you ever brought any furniture through Ebay? What was your experience? Make sure to share with us your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook! 

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


My favourite online store is Citta Design! I really love their fresh approach to collections, quirky details as well as how they want to create feeling with their designs. To me design is all about how it makes you feel as well as expressing your personality, well for your home anyway. So for me, these guys would be the first place I would start looking if I had my own place. ( One day heres hoping! )

They have a new winter collection called "A Winters Tale " that has just launched, and just by looking at it I begin to feel warm and fuzzy. Want to check it out for yourself? Here is a preview of the collection below which can all be found on their website by clicking here. 

All images sourced from Citta Design website ... and how cute
is this dog? 

Friday, 2 May 2014


Mothers day is coming up next week, so now is the time to share my mothers day gift guide!
We are going to continually be releasing content based on JDZ Style when our new website goes live.
So much sure you keep up to date with all that is happening and our own personal style/things we love.

We think these will be perfect gifts for the mums we love and call our best friends!

Products can be found by clicking here: 

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