Monday, 2 December 2013


Do you know what Macrame is? Well I certainly didn't about two years ago as well! I had noticed it popping up in furniture and interiors everywhere and not really knowing its significance of how beautiful it can be. It came along with the love and trend for knots... do you remember that? Knots and ropes! They were big a couple of years back and so was the nautical theme, which makes me think they were all interconnected, which often happens with design trends. It is innovative and important in design to always reinvent, macrame is a very old tradition of weaving to create really interesting geometric patterns and being reinvented and utilised in many different forms and situations allows for many to develop a new knowledge and understanding of something so good. That is what design is all about sometimes, taking the simplest of things and applying it in an interesting way that maybe no one else thought about and then BOOM... you have yourself a new trend that everyone loves... well heres hoping.

Last week I mentioned about my new favourite blog, Bec Marks The Spot, where Bec herself featured these lovely pendants designed by Warp and Weft for Lights Lights Lights in Melbourne. I loved them so much that I just had to share my own personal thoughts on it as well. It also allowed me to create a new resource and discovered that Lights Lights Lights have some pretty awesome stuff.

You can find out more about these funky and bright Macrame pendants by clicking here and you can purchase them by heading over to Bec Marks The Spot's official online shop.

Images sourced from Bec Marks The Spot & Warp and Weft.

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